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In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Ok, they're not daily but they are really good links to stuff you should be reading!

Sanctifying Wall Street

Amy Levin: Time for an update on #religion at #occupywallstreet? This week, Sarah Posner mediated a roundtable discussion with Religion Dispatches regular contributors highlighting particular religious moments of the occupy movement. Anthea Butler tells Posner says that Occupy Atlanta's refusal to let civil rights protestor and Congressman John Lewis speak was a reflection of OWS “becoming...

Give Us This Day Our Daily Links

"I believe the Founding Fathers were moved around like men on a chessboard put in place at that time so the world could have America."
Nathan Schneider grills Judith Butler, at The Immanent Frame.
A new regulation outlawing the veil in France gets the entire "religious tolerance" thing wrong.
Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches brings...

Biggest Science-and-Religion Story of the Last Quarter-Century

Nathan Schneider, senior editor at Killing the Buddha, on his new article at The Nation, "God, Science, and Philanthropy":
As I’ve worked on questions of religion and reason, both in the academy and as a journalist, the John Templeton Foundation has been around every turn. As I called, corresponded, and visited with many of...