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Salem 66: Dispatch #8 - December 10, 2015

Salem 66: Dispatch #8 – December 10, 2015

Don Jolly covers the religion of the 2016 election season.
In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Turning the Uyghur East

Turning the Uyghur East

Umar Farooq reports from Pakistan and China on the history and present of Uyghur Muslims.
What’s wrong with Googling loss?

What’s wrong with Googling loss?

Shruti Devgan finds what's missing in Google's promise to repair sacred losses.
Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Jared Malsin reviews Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman’s book Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America

Muslim Attitudes

Comment by NYU assistant professor/faculty fellow Jeremy Walton on yesterday's New York Times article, "Koran burning in NATO Error Incites Afghans,"  (February 21, 1:39 pm):
These comments are, on the whole, atrocious and disturbing, for two reasons. First, there seems to be absolutely no interest or concern on the part of most NYTimes readers to comprehend...

Keeping Up with the Kanasanis

Ashley Baxstrom: Step aside, Kardashian family. “Jersey Shore”? So last season. If you totally want to be on the cutting-edge of today’s reality tv-world, you need to really venture into the fascinating unknown. Pageant moms for the under-age? Been there. Swamp people? Done that. So what’s the most out-there, the scariest,...

Terry Jones Takes Dearborn

Yesterday Terry Jones held another rally in Dearborn, Michigan, outside the Arab International Festival, to raise awareness for the encroachment of Islam in America.  Abby Ohlheiser was there. This was the plan: Terry Jones would speak at City Hall then march with his supporters up to the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn, MI, a...

Muslims Get Their Own Prisons

John Dillingham at The Scoop writes about a recent NPR report that exposes secretive Communications Management Units -- prisons in all but name -- where two-thirds of the inmates are Muslim.

Sinful Tavis Smiley

Letters to Michael Getler, Ombudsman for PBS, after show host Tavis Smiley said that Christians were as responsible for a comparable number of terrorist attacks in the US as Muslims: "I am ashamed that PBS would sponsor the uninformed or outright lying as was perpetrated by Tavis Smiley on his recent program. In stating that...

The Only Good Muslims

11 January 2006 Christian apocalypticist and host of the recently cancelled Trinity Broadcast Network show, “International Intelligence Briefing,” Hal Lindsey takes his case to Fox’s “Hannity & Colmes,” defending himself against TBN’s publicized concerns that Lindsey’s views were offensive to their Middle Eastern viewers. Lindsey wants to clarify: it’s not that he’s insensitive to Arabs and Muslims, so much...