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Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Two: Al Jazeera on Trial

Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Two: Al Jazeera on Trial

The second in a series of posts on issues at the intersection of press freedom, religion, digital media and politics by Natasja Sheriff .
On Piety: Egypt, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

On Piety: Egypt, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

By Maurice Chammah The popular image of Egypt split by religious and political loyalties belies a subtle story of piety and social change.
Destiny and Defiance in Port Said

Destiny and Defiance in Port Said

By Maurice Chammah "Port Said, once the pariah, is now the vanguard. As the protests turn to street battles, Port Said’s traditional independence from the rest of the country is coming out in a way it never has before."

The Bullet That Doesn’t Hit You

By Maurice Chammah Nasser had...wanted the state to protect journalists from the market, but could that be done without making them slaves of the state?

Women’s Rights in Egypt

"The Mubarak regime is more dangerous to women than the Muslim Brotherhood." Listen to renown feminist Dr. Nawal El Saadawi and NYU graduate student Yasmin Moll on the Brian Lehrer show on NPR. You can read today's exclusive article by El Saadawi at Women's Media Center here.

Not Another Iran

One storyline that’s making the rounds in the wake of ongoing protests in Egypt is that an applicable comparison can be made to Iran’s “green revolution” of 1979.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali has an op-ed in today’s New York Times titled, “Get Ready for the Muslim Brotherhood” that states as much, warning the U.S. that it...

Let My People Go

In a recent interview Egyptian-born journalist Mona Eltahawy tells Bill Maher (notoriously anti-religion, Maher so often perfectly demonstrates the confounding problem the left has with articulating religious tolerance) that Egypt has less chance of becoming a theocracy than is assumed in U.S. commentary.

Mubarak’s Reality: Baksheesh

Hosni Mubarak didn't contrive his I'm the preventer of chaos reality all alone.  The tyrannical dictator of Egypt, who today told ABC's Christiane Amanpour that he'd love to step down but can't, has for three decades been appreciated (both politically and financially) by the West for what he is not:  another critical voice...

Oversimplification 3, 2, 1

From Andrew Khouri's "Getting the Story Right in Egypt," a recent post at The Scoop, Diane Winston's website at USC's Annenberg School for Journalism:
But on Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood—Egypt's largest opposition group and a perennial Mubarak foe—announced it would join the large demonstrations that were planned after prayers on Friday. A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman...