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Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Two: Al Jazeera on Trial

Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Two: Al Jazeera on Trial

The second in a series of posts on issues at the intersection of press freedom, religion, digital media and politics by Natasja Sheriff .

Religious Ghettoization of Egypt

From Marc Michael's "Is liberalism killing the copts?" at Al Jazeera:
Imperial liberalism not only reinforced lines of fracture in local social fabrics, but often engineered them, by inventing traditions and mythological pasts, linguistic and ethnic groupings. To this day a majority of Copts subscribe to the “Hamitic Hypothesis”: that Copts are a separate race...

Friday’s Reflections: Egypt Rises…And Triumphs

Yasmin Moll: After 30 years of autocratic rule, Mubarak stepped down today. The announcement came around 6 pm Cairo time. I had just finished giving an interview to a documentary filmmaker where I expressed great fear that Mubarak will continue to defy the demands of millions of Egyptians and cling to power. I have never been...

We Are All Egyptians

by Yasmin Moll There are tens of thousands of Egyptians in Tahrir today. And there are millions of Egyptians who are not. If we believe some international media outlets and domestic opposition papers, these groups make up two distinct camps: those for democracy and those for Mubarak. And if we believe the state press, the dividing line...

Whose Revolution Is It Anyway?

Slate gives us a don't-miss slideshow of Mubarak's biggest U.S. fans.  Gawker tallies up the conspiracy theories they're spinning.

Mubarak’s Reality: Baksheesh

Hosni Mubarak didn't contrive his I'm the preventer of chaos reality all alone.  The tyrannical dictator of Egypt, who today told ABC's Christiane Amanpour that he'd love to step down but can't, has for three decades been appreciated (both politically and financially) by the West for what he is not:  another critical voice...

Cairo Cops

My friend, Sam, who live son a houseboat on the Nile writes:
As the protesters marched forward some policemen were left behind. About half a dozen or so jumped the fence onto the property next door. They were terrified. These were not the the boys with the riot gear. They were 40 something officers with stars...