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Noah: Story and Medium

Noah: Story and Medium

David Morgan gives us a picture of what's really going on with literalist objections to the new movie "Noah."

Extreme Adultery

In case you Twilight fans were wondering, The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office for Film and Broadcasting has posted their review of the new Robert Pattinson movie, "Water for Elephants."  They warn, "While artfully conceived and well acted, director Francis Lawrence’s film accepts — and even glamorizes — adultery, albeit within...

Mel Gibson, Meet Will Farrell

Christiany Today‘s Ted Olson provides a fascinating array of responses to Elf, the controversial new film adaptation of the Christmas story critics fear will set off a wave of anti-Elven violence. Oops — wrong Christian holiday on film. But Elf, the new Will Farrell family comedy, is mildly controversial. One Christian critic gripes that the film contains “a wink at inebriation.” But if the laffs are loud,...