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Mormons on Glenn Beck

McKay Coppins at Mormon Times asked his readers what they think of Glenn Beck.

It’s All Right Ma, They’re Only Mormons

A story that has been brewing in the pages of Rocky Mountain papers for weeks hits The Washington Times today, with Stephen Dinan’s report on a religious exemption provision to anti-immigration laws proposed by Utah Republican Senator Robert F. Bennett, and the counter-proposal made by Republican Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo, who denounced Bennett’s provision as...

Mormon “Cinema”

Sean P. Means dutifully lines up to do a Christians-in-Hollywood piece for the Salt Lake Tribune, appropriately about “Mormon Cinema” (which evidently requires capitalization — who knew?) Means shows us that Mormons like to make movies, that they can find financing and that they’re trying to go mainstream, i.e., reach audiences outside Utah. An annoying...