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In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Daily Links: 541%

Daily Links: 541%

Schradle's quick links: From Florida to charity, Mormon slurs to bullying, Vatican Evangelizing to H+ something special.
Daily Links: "Where You Been?" Edition

Daily Links: “Where You Been?” Edition

Ok, so it's not always daily. But it is more than links.
34 Years to Find a Mormon Voice

34 Years to Find a Mormon Voice

By Amy Levin We hear about the black vote, we hear about the Mormon vote, but we seldom-to-never hear about the black Mormon vote (or black Mormons at all, for that matter).

Give Us This Day Our Daily Links

A small parade was held in Philadelphia this weekend, made up of area Muslims.  Their objective was to counter media representation of Muslims as terrorists and to bring awareness to the fact that about two thirds of Muslims in American cities are black.  There are about 100 mosques in the Philly area. || A...

JFK Loved LDS, You Should Too!

Kelly Smurthwaite at writes that while prominent news outlets are citing the Mormon faith of two GOP hopefuls, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr., as a potential "weakness," "prominent politicians and presidents of the United States have spoken in favor of members of the LDS faith, stating the good that members of the...

Assessing the Culture Warriors

From Tim Muldoon's article at WaPo's On Faith blog, "Faltering and Leading: The Conservative Moment," in which Muldoon assesses David French's fawning assessment of the state of the Conservative movement (only evangelicals need work harder!) and finds it almost very satisfactory:
If there is a hopeful note in this ancient and new story of...

U.S. Senators Ask Switzerland to Let Mormons In

U.S. Senators are petitioning the Swiss government to change a rule that will prevent Mormon missionaries from working in that country after 2012.  The new Swiss law came out of a renegotiation of visa regulations that allows greater access to European Union workers but places new limits on access for those from other countries. Fourteen U.S....

Marketing Mormons

The Revealer's own Ann Pellegrini, professor of religious and performance studies at NYU, talked to Fox News' Lauren Green about the new ad campaign designed to put a good face on Mormons.

Kathryn Joyce on Mormons and the Religious Right’s “Common Ground”

"Glenn Beck’s efforts to transform himself from Fox News demagogue into a religious leader for Tea Party America has a lot of commentators discussing the feasibility of a Mormon convert leading a wary evangelical and Catholic right in a faith-driven cause. While there are significant roadblocks hindering Beck’s quest for leadership in the Christian Right,...

Mormons are People Too

Amidst accusations that they're clearing the way for another Mitt Romney presidential campaign, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched an ad campaign that profiles normal people who are also Mormon.  The campaign comes after the church commissioned a study two years ago that showed society had a lower opinion of...

The Religion of Twilight

by Tanya Erzen Last November, I sat in a theatre in South Jordan, Utah with 4,000 Twilight Moms, who had gathered for the weekend to celebrate the release of New Moon after two days of raucous pre-film festivities.  As I sat watching Eclipse, the newest film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster Twilight series (in the six...