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In the News: The Pope, Indian Art & Advertising, Putin & More

In the News: The Pope, Indian Art & Advertising, Putin & More

A round-up of religion in the recent news.
An Amish Moment

An Amish Moment

Amish books and Amish baseball. Amish are clearly having a moment... again.
Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Ok, they're not daily but they are really good links to stuff you should be reading!
Daily Links: "Where You Been?" Edition

Daily Links: “Where You Been?” Edition

Ok, so it's not always daily. But it is more than links.

Our Daily Links: While You Were Eating Fruitcake Edition

Worth the Wait: It may have taken 1,500 years but the Talmud finally has an index. Early Adopters: I've long said that religion and porn are the two first groups to adopt new technologies. In "Christianity and the Future of the Book" at The New Atlantis Alan Jacobs writes, "Religious communities have been the...

Hello Daily Links

Whattayaknow?! Mormons handle money differently than the rest of us. Same with the Mennonites, and the Jews. Is the Fall true or just factual?  Or both?  And what does that mean for Catholicism? Or, as the always witty @danielsilliman asked via twitter, in response to this, aliens? Charisma confuses mission work in North...

Our Daily Links

Hate the sin, love the sinner says a coalition of Christian groups, including the Vatican, who've compiled a new rule book for treating non-Christians with tolerance while still trying to convert them. A San Francisco woman charges that Abercrombie & Fitch, purveyor to the young and bare-skinned, fired her for wearing a head scarf....

Using All The Parts

There's not a stitch or shred or scrap that my good Mennonite grandmother didn't see fit for other uses. She was, to steal from Barbara Mandrell, green when green wasn't cool. That's why today's article in my hometown newspaper, The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, comes as no surprise: The Mennonite Central Committee...

Protesting Glorification of the Nation-State.

Ann Neumann: If Goshen College in Indiana, the largest Anabaptist college in the US, thought they could start playing the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, before athletic events and no one would notice, a new poll, Jesus Radicals and a couple of Facebook pages are proving them wrong. The college, which chose to end...