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Megachurches Today

06 February 2006 A new report written by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Leadership Network, “Megachurches Today 2005,” has tallied the number of U.S. megachurches at 1,210: double the number of churches with 2,000 or more congregants that existed five years ago, reflecting a growth rate not likely to slow down any time soon....

The Unholy Alliance Fights Back

18 January 2006 World Harvest Church Pastor Rod Parsley, whose products you can read about here, along with his fellow megachurch “patriot pastor,” Rev. Russell Johnson, has come under sharp criticism from a group of 30 liberal-moderate ministers. The critics’ group, hosted by the progressive United Church of Christ, charges that Parsley and Johnson used their...

Radio On

Revealer editor Jeff Sharlet discusses his cover story from the May issue of Harper’s, “Soldiers of Christ: Inside America’s Most Powerful Megachurch,” tonight at 9:22 pm est with Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder on Air America’s “The Majority Report.”