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Pontifigate: The Flaccid Sword of Priestly Justice

Mary Valle: Rapist priests! Good news! You can rape, abuse and lie all you want in the great lag time when your case is sent for review, investigation, further inquiry, empanelation and cooling on a desk in Rome somewhere. You may even be shuttled from parish to parish, which is convenient if you are...

Insidious and Dangerous

Mary Valle: There's a battle of miter-wearers today in the HuffPost. In one corner, we have Mary Glasspool, the first openly lesbian bishop ordained in the Episcopal Church of America. In the other, Pope Benedict, calling gay marriage "insidious and dangerous." The American Episcopal church (most of it) is stepping up...

It’s In the Dictionary

The Revealer and Killing the Buddha contributor Mary Valle has been keeping us abreast of the developments in the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. In doing so, she's coined the term "Pontifigate"; it has now been picked up by