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In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Farewell, Little Piece of Me

Farewell, Little Piece of Me

An excerpt from Cancer Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude: Reflections on Cancer and Catholicism by Mary Valle.
Death Porn Body Nonsense

Death Porn Body Nonsense

The ostensible purpose of some images is to teach us something about life and death, but, Mary Valle asks, what else is going on when we seek out images of sick women's bodies.
Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Mary Valle:  Someone at UCSSB HQ has finally clicked on the links to anti-Girl Scout material on the web (for instance, here and here). 

Wherever Two or More Women Are Gathered…

...the Catholic Church seems to find "radical feminist" ideology.  Even if the gatherers are cookie-hawking tweens.  And members of a non-Catholic organization.  Not affiliated with the Church in any way. To the ever broadening category of Catholic Church vs. Women, we add today's entry:  the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has formalized it's disapproval of...

Reading Widely: Our Recent Favorites

Some of the best religion and media reads from around the webs this week.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Mary Valle:  Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, the priest who denied Barbara Johnson (also known as the "lesbian Barbara Johnson") communion at her mother's funeral, has been put on administrative leave for having "engaged in intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others that is incompatible with proper priestly ministry."

Heart in the Snow

By Mary Valle My last semester in college, I spent a lot of time taking phone calls from my brother Michael.  He was nearing the end of his working life and about to go on disability due to HIV. He'd call me, in Massachusetts,  from his office in Beverly Hills and I'd hog a communal phone...

I Love You, I Do.

We asked our Near and Dear to tell us something about today, the day when we celebrate love--or loss or absence or grief or joy or chocolate or the color red.  Valentine's Day is one of those not-so-holy (or so-holiday) holidays we bump into on the annual calendar, on our way to spring, rebirth and...

Merry Christmas to Me!

Mary Valle:  All I really want for Christmas is to watch "The Exorcist" with Fr. Gabriele Amorth.  I also want to thank him profusely for pointing out a few things that actually are kind of true. Who hasn't been in a yoga class and "breathing" into some pose and thought "This shit is EVIL!"...

Immoral Halloween Temptations

Amy Levin: Last week, rushing through the Atlantic-Pacific terminal in Brooklyn, I passed my usual underground subway Jesus cheerleader, warning passersby about anything from the apocalypse to the dangers of evolution. Normally I take their pamphlets - I figure if you study religion, you might as well look twice when it’s standing right in front...

Daily Links: Apocalypse Edition

Click right over to Mary Valle's latest at Killing the Buddha on "A Kinder, Gentler Apocalypse."  Of the May 21 fake-out she writes:
Apparently God was playing more of his "I’m gonna pretend to high-five you, then pull my hand away at the last minute and say ‘Psych!’” games with all of us.
Look out...