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In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What's a Christian Hipster?

In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What’s a Christian Hipster?

A round-up of recent religion & media news.
Daily Links: 'Bout Time Edition

Daily Links: ‘Bout Time Edition

Ross gets it right? The Revealer has made no secret of its feelings on much of Times columnist Ross Douthat’s work in the past, but his article about the recent controversy over the anti-Islam video produced here in America and the ensuing unrest in the Middle East is worth giving a look. Now if only...

Mao’s Latest Bow

Between politics and religious ecstasy: Maoist believers in Nepal. Brad Tytel As China’s quasi-communist leadership continues to shed any remnants of its ideological progenitor, Maoism still lives just south of the Himalayas. Nepal continues to be wracked by an insurgency bearing the standard of violent, rural Marxism. I have been tracking press coverage of the...

Marxists for Christ

“A specter has been haunting Marxism,” writes Eugene McCarraher — “the specter of Christianity.” The heavyweights of Marxist academe (they still walk the earth) have gone and got themselves some God, reports McCarraher. None more so than the so-called “bad boy of theory,” Slavoj Zizek – whom McCarraher describes as “the godless theologian of our time, exhibiting all the...