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Our Daily Links: Doin’ The Math Edition

God spends $390 million lobbying Washington every year. Jonathan Jones writes at The Guardian about the now-iconic photo of 84 year old Occupy activist Dorli Rainey after being pepper sprayed in Seattle:
America is a religious nation and I can't help thinking that either the people in the picture, or the photographer, consciously or unconsciously...

The Field of Martyrs

Mary Valle: Wow! Rachel Donadio reports in the New York Times that Pope Benedict has proclaimed that "sins inside the church" are the greatest problem in his organization; and that "forgiveness does not substitute justice." These are Benedict's strongest words on Pontifigate: encouraging! However, he was somewhat vague on the cleanup (which is...

Saint Me

BAGnewsNotes looks beyond the veneer of St. Frist’s would-be martyrdom.

02 June 2004 Daily Links

The making of martyrs: Nancy Updike, Malia Zoghlin, and Michael Wean combine photographs and sound to document — step by step — the process by which Palestinians killed in combat are laid in the grave as martyrs. In the handsome new webmagazine Six Billion. Contemporary Christian musicians, writes John Paul Davis, “act as kidneys for their largely evangelical audience, straining secular...