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In the News: Tunisian Politics, Miss Universe, Apocalyptic Thinking About Syria, and more

In the News: Tunisian Politics, Miss Universe, Apocalyptic Thinking About Syria, and more

A round-up of religion in the recent news.
Schradle's Links: God's Wrath Edition

Schradle’s Links: God’s Wrath Edition

By Nathan Schradle What's going on in the world today that's evoked God's wrath? Lots of things, it turns out.

In the World links, Unfinished Business edition

Nora Connor: In 2008 the Chinese government recognized the annual Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, as a national holiday.

Weekly Links: In the World

Nora Connor: According to Salon’s Wajahat Ali, the conversion of Oliver Stone’s son Sean to Islam last week prompted a worldwide Muslim face-palm. Why, the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are wondering, can’t we get a convert with more upside? In a nod to one of Dave Chappelle’s best skits, Ali “reports” on the first...

Our Daily Links

Way back, the Mormon Church coughed up a chunk of money to petition for Proposition 8 in California. With two presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, now officially in the 2012 race, everybody's asking which candidate will get keys to the church and community's coffers.  Catherine Elson at The Divining Blog recently...

Random Links

“Why Don’t Journalists Get Religion?” Peter Steinfels, Laurie Goodstein, Diane Winston, and Revealer editor Jeff Sharlet answer in Columbia Journalism Review. Daniel Boyarin is an orthodox Jew and a queer theory academic star, a scholar of early Christianity and contemporary pop culture. In his new book, writes Zackary Sholem Berger inThe Forward, his “appreciation of Judeo-Christian...


21 January 2004 Iviews offers Muslim news and analysis with a non-religious focus. The Islamic Broadcasting Network offers live and archived radio shows discussing current events. is a British Muslim news and information site linked to the popular monthly magazine, Khilafah. Islam Online is a daily news site focusing on political and social issues. Islamicity is a helpful, multi-media site...


The Revealer has a fever today, so high I’ve been haunted by fever dreams of George W. Bush leading an orange-robed choir in my living room. I won’t try to parse that, nor anything in the wide world of online religion. Instead, today’s offering will be a selection of simple links to items The Revealer finds intriguing, if not necessarily...