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In the News: Heaven, Human Rights, His Holiness, and more!

In the News: Heaven, Human Rights, His Holiness, and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.
He Winketh with His Eyes, He Speaketh with His Feet

He Winketh with His Eyes, He Speaketh with His Feet

Joe McKnight: Walter Wink was, among other things, an outspoken critic of the “biblically-based” homophobia that has long plagued Christianity.
Rumors of Liberation Theology's "Huge Influence" Are Greatly Exaggerated

Rumors of Liberation Theology’s “Huge Influence” Are Greatly Exaggerated

Joe McKnight:  Mark Oppenheimer’s explanation of liberation theology underscores the theology’s fundamental principles which are often wholly overlooked or deliberately maligned by President Obama’s detractors.

Santorum’s Holy Sanctum

Amy Levin: I’m not sure God would be too happy with Santorum lately - I mean, it’s one thing to defend religious liberty in the name of a Christian nation, but it’s another to use petty language to reference divinely ordained scripture. Despite his claim that he was not criticizing the President’s Christianity, Santorum’s Ohio...

For Liberals: An Academic Candy Coating for the
Bitter Pill of God

Amy Levin:  Those who find religion scholars to be an insular grouping of armchair academics out of touch with the “real world” (a term said scholars enjoy deconstructing), might have been surprised to hear some of the panels at this year’s American Academy of Religion (AAR) Conference in San Francisco. Though the conference followed...

Applying Liberation Theology to the
Argument for Gay Marriage

Amy Levin: Last Wednesday, June 15th, something historic happened…for the fourth time. The New York assembly approved the same-sex marriage bill, known as The Marriage Equality Act, which spearheaded a hopeful telos to allow same-sex couples to enjoy benefits and protections of marriage under state law. The New York Senate currently has 31...

The Roots of Racism

Rachel Sladja at Talking Points Memo has a good piece up about the roots of all the recent Shar'iah-is-coming-for-your-freedom hysteria.  It's worth a read for the research TPM did to trace the anti-Muslim commentary in the media over the past decade.  But I can't help but wonder if Islam (and Shari'ah) doesn't just conveniently...

Beck Off!

You don't mess with the theologians, Glenn Beck.  The folks at Union Theological Seminary haven't found Beck's use and knowledge of the bible to be quite up to snuff so they've taken up a collection of the good book to send to him.  They've also devoted a page at their site to articles by UTS...

Freedom Rides For the Unborn.

A new kind of liberation theology has taken over the "pro-life" movement, with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, Alveda King, at the wheel. Tomorrow in Birmingham, Alabama -- "on the site where peaceful civil rights activists were attacked with dogs and water hoses," as Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, writes...