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Review: Islam in Liberalism (Part 2)

Review: Islam in Liberalism (Part 2)

Fouad Halbouni reviews Islam in Liberalism by Joseph Massad.
Review: Islam in Liberalism

Review: Islam in Liberalism

Patricia Kubala reviews Islam in Liberalism by Joseph Massad.

Preaching Out of the Closet

Amy Levin: It’s barely been a day and President Barack Obama’s personal endorsement (belief? affirmation? slow and agonizing compromise?) of same-sex marriage in an interview with ABC’s Robin Robert’s has spread like wildfire across the news, blog, and twitter spheres. Obama’s comments came just a day after North Carolina passed a ban...

Liberalism Killing the Copts

Reuters reports that Egypt's Coptic Christians are receiving an unprecedented amount of foreign support; subsequently they fear "a backlash from Muslims who could resent special attention to a minority at a time when all Egyptians are suffering economic hardship and political uncertainty."  Which reminds us of a provocative article by Marc Michael that Al Jazeera posted in November.  Of...

Religious Ghettoization of Egypt

From Marc Michael's "Is liberalism killing the copts?" at Al Jazeera:
Imperial liberalism not only reinforced lines of fracture in local social fabrics, but often engineered them, by inventing traditions and mythological pasts, linguistic and ethnic groupings. To this day a majority of Copts subscribe to the “Hamitic Hypothesis”: that Copts are a separate race...

Liberal Media v. Liberal Media

27 February 2006 AP religion writer Richard N. Ostling continues to do his part to dismantle the secular/liberal-media myth by using his own elite pulpit to rail against the secular/liberal book publishing industry: comparing the reviews of two recent books by and about atheists to complain about the advantages that atheists have courtesy of “sympathy...