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An Amish Moment

An Amish Moment

Amish books and Amish baseball. Amish are clearly having a moment... again.

Ditching the Church for Jesus, A Long Tradition

The popularity of a new video by Jefferson Bethke called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" has a number of religion writers, including our pal Nicole Greenfield and The Scoop's Laura J. Nelson, wondering from whence this animosity against religious affiliation came. It could be argued that the faithfuls' "hatred" for organized religion is a long,...

Making Force Faithful

From a new post at Footnotes Since the Wilderness about the Ephrata Cloister in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and it's conscription by George Washington as a hospital during the Revolution:
Cynics might point out that Ephrata became a hospital because George Washington said it must and, indeed, he did. He offered Peter Miller, Ephrata’s spiritual leader, no...