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Passionate Letters

The Revealer likes to harp on a theme, a rather vague notion of democratic religion writing — the sort practiced by journalists more intrigued by the many manifestations of faith and faithlessness than by Religion’s official proclamations and courtroom exhortations (Stay out of the schools! Get into the schools!). But we’re reminded from time to time...

Radio Revealer, Part II

It turned out a bit like Canterbury Tales – a motley assembly of true believers, kneeling drunkards, and ecstatic skeptics gathered over the airwaves on a cold, dark evening, trading tales… such was yesterday’s edition of the radio current affairs show “On Point,” hosted by Tom Ashbrook with commentator Jack Beatty, of The Atlantic Monthly. The official guests were The Revealer‘s own Jeff Sharlet...

Radio Revealer

Hear The Revealer‘s Jeff Sharlet talk about religion writing and his new book, Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible, with co-author Peter Manseau and radio host Tom Ashbrookon “On Point,” 8-9 pm today. Listen on WBUR-FM Boston, online, or check here to see if your NPR affiliate carries the show.