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Homegrown Settlers

Homegrown Settlers

As President Obama makes his first visit to Israel today, Kiera Feldman examines Americans in the settlements... and their kitsch.

Reading Widely: Our Recent Favorites

Some of the best religion and media reads from around the webs this week.

Daily Links

My chum Kiera Feldman has a piece up at New York Magazine on Ken Starr's latest politically motivated sex scandal witch hunt, this time at Baylor University where he's president, "Ken Starr Redux: Lefty Icon Targeted Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct."  Read it here. What does informed consent mean to a "pro-life" governor?

The Revealer Family, Published

It's been a great week for readers, thanks to a suite of articles by members of The Revealer's family of writers.  Covering issues from reality-based food to women's travel, from the health care crisis to Zionist activism to religious compounds in Missouri, we're proud to have such talented and diverse writers' names to drop! Former Revealer...