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In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

In the News: Prisons Churches, Museums, and, of course, Hobby Lobby

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Adoption Reform, Right-to-Life Style

Adoption Reform, Right-to-Life Style

Kathryn Joyce reveals what's really going on with the adoption reform bill currently being debated in Ohio.
Daily Links: Today's Soap Box

Daily Links: Today’s Soap Box

What promised land? What medical ethics? What radical Muslims? What orphans? A quick guide to righteous media this week.
Daily Links: Brave Old World Edition

Daily Links: Brave Old World Edition

What we're consuming.
Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement's Adoption Obsession

Orphan Fever: The Evangelical Movement’s Adoption Obsession

By Kathryn Joyce When devout Christian families made it their mission to save children from war-torn countries, the match was often far from heavenly.
Schradle's Links

Schradle’s Links

Nathan Schradle They might be downers but they're good downers.

Daily Links: “Which Reminds Me” Edition

Hear Kathryn Joyce, The Revealer's former managing editor, talk about personhood bills, the Quiverfull movement, and the patriarchy movement here, on Tulsa public radio. Nicole Neroulias writes at The Scoop that despite common reporting, same sex marriage is about a lot more than religion. Yesterday the USCCB spelled out exactly...

Daily Links: Briefly

Don't miss in media res' fantastic series of events, "Religious Representations on Television," from today through Friday.  See here for details. Kathryn Joyce, The Revealer's first managing editor, interviews David Clohessy, national director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) on the Catholic Church's new tactic for silencing the group in court.

Our Daily Links: In the World Edition

Church and the Russian University. Fundamentalism as a result of secularization, not an expression of tradition. "Shifting Politics in the World's Newest Nation." "How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists." Thanks to a lingering hatred for Communism... The most significant Chinese political event of 2011. Getting arms around the cult of Kim Jong...

The Revealer Family, Published

It's been a great week for readers, thanks to a suite of articles by members of The Revealer's family of writers.  Covering issues from reality-based food to women's travel, from the health care crisis to Zionist activism to religious compounds in Missouri, we're proud to have such talented and diverse writers' names to drop! Former Revealer...

The Evangelical Adoption Crusade

Former Revealer managing editor Kathryn Joyce has a new article in the May 9 print edition of The Nation. You can read it online here.  You can listen to Nation editor Betsy Reed and Kathryn talk about the evangelical adoption movement here.  An excerpt from the article:
As a way for conservative evangelicals...

Using “Demographic Winter” To Thwart Global Access to Family Planning

What was once a rallying cry by U.S. evangelical organizations to limit access to birth control here and abroad (see former Revealer managing editor Kathryn Joyce's 2008 article at The Nation, "Missing: The 'Right' Babies") is now a Vatican topic for discussion at a UN panel.