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In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

A round-up of recent religion & media news.
In the News: Tunisian Politics, Miss Universe, Apocalyptic Thinking About Syria, and more

In the News: Tunisian Politics, Miss Universe, Apocalyptic Thinking About Syria, and more

A round-up of religion in the recent news.
Famous Drownings in Literary History

Famous Drownings in Literary History

An excerpt from a new book by Kevin Haworth, Famous Drownings in Literary History: Essays on 21st Century Jewishness.

The House of David

An excerpt from Out of Left Field: Jews and Black Baseball (Oxford University Press, 2011) by Rebecca Alpert, from Chapter Four, The Conflict over Baseball Comedy. A few independent white baseball teams also clowned and relied on novelty to gain bookings. The best known of these teams was the House of David. The team originated in...

A 12-Step History? Not so fast.

Amy Levin: When religion in the news bestows a chance to show how complicated history can be, I’ll take it. Rabbi Shais Taub recently published an article in HuffPost Religion on Judaism and addiction recovery, explaining just how spiritually high some steps are in the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. Taub has some compelling insights...

Circumcision and Religious Tolerance

Amy Levin: From the 30-year anniversary of the AIDS epidemic, to the Weiner scandal, to the current debate over legality of male circumcision, the public eye is certainly holding its gaze on men’s bodies. While religious discourse undoubtedly has a stake in each of these issues, the surgical removal of men’s foreskin...

Addressing Beck’s Anti-Semitism

Did the Rabbis convince Rupert Murdock to edit Glenn Beck yet?

Religion and the Definition of Death

From The Lancet:
An intense debate has been rekindled in orthodox Jewish circles on whether brain-stem death is compatible with the definition of death by the Halacha—the collective body of Jewish law. Last week, the UK's Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks caused widespread consternation among physicians when he issued an edict stating that he and his...

Unraveling the Israel Alliance

“Jews in America aren’t endangered, but the power of the religious right has clearly reached a point where a great many feel exceedingly nervous. The fear is not of pogroms or outright discrimination; rather, it’s of the disappearance of the secular civic culture that allowed Jews to feel like full citizens of America rather than...

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up to Be Evil Biblical Kings

After receiving numerous inquiries from Jewish parents fearful of misnaming their children, a group of Israeli rabbis has compiled a list of bad names that shouldn’t be given to Jewish children, including the first names of both the prime minister, Ariel Sharon — whose first name could call down the wrath of its angelic namesake...

J-Post, Christian Edition

Chris McGreal of The Guardian reports on the plans of Israeli’s oldest English-language paper, The Jerusalem Post, to launch a new Christian edition, assembled in connection with the International Christian Embassy (which is campaigning agains Israeli divestment plans being discussed in the Presbyterian and other churches), to bolster readership among American Christian conservatives. As for...

Rabbi For Krakow

Yesterday, Rabbi Avraham Flaks became the first full-time rabbi to serve Krakow since the Holocaust, taking with his position a mission to revive Jewish life and help community members rediscover their heritage in the city where Jewish culture was almost entirely wiped out.