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In the News: Lindsey Graham, Garland, TX, God's Plaintiff, and more!

In the News: Lindsey Graham, Garland, TX, God’s Plaintiff, and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.
Review: Stringer: A Reporter's Journey in the Congo

Review: Stringer: A Reporter’s Journey in the Congo

Jared Malsin reviews  Stringer: A Reporter's Journey in the Congo by Anjan Sundaram.
Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Three: Interview with Kassahun Yilma

Religion and Press Freedom in the Digital Age – Part Three: Interview with Kassahun Yilma

The third in a series of posts on issues at the intersection of press freedom, religion, digital media and politics by Natasja Sheriff .
In the News:  Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

In the News: Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

Numbers Lie: Hacking at Islam

Numbers never tell the whole story--which is why liberal pleas to rely solely on science and facts carry so little weight. Internet years are like dog years.  Way back in 2003 when The Revealer was founded as a joint project between NYU's Journalism Department and The Center for Religion and Media, we placed a more traditional...

Journalism’s Nowhere

Jay Rosen at PressThink on the things he's learned in 25 years of teaching journalism:

It’s Bill Keller insisting that “torture” is the wrong word for the New York Times to use in describing torture because it involves taking sides in a dispute between the United States Government and its critics. It’s Howard Kurtz 

Limited Understanding of Scandal

Jeff Sharlet, founder of The Revealer, was on Rachel Maddow last night talking about his new book, C Street.  You can watch the clip here.

Killing Religion Journalism

Killing Religion Journalism 11 October 2004 By Jeff Sharlet Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible has just been published in paperback by Free Press / Simon & Schuster. When my co-author Peter Manseau and I set out to make Killing the Buddha, we wrote that “we had lost faith in the way faith gets talked about in...

08 September 2004 Daily Links

“If Kerry Wins…“: Dick Cheney opts for equal opportunity voter intimidation. “‘Thank you, Lord, for loving journalism'”: Columbia Journalism Review’s Gal Beckerman writes a fine and nuanced report on the World Journalism Institute, a J-school for young evangelicals, which gained notoriety for a loose connection to the Jack Kelley scandal. While program director Robert Case II has toned down...

The Prodigal Press Sins No More

Since when is the press this polite? by Kathryn Joyce All of the usual mud was thrown, partisan guns drawn and pseudo-“larger questions” raised after the Deal Hudson scandal broke several days ago. The story of how Bush’s top Catholic adviser resigned in anticipation of the publication of a report detailing his sexual abuse of an intoxicated...

The Non-Negotiable Dream

Journalists don’t understand that the reality of believers isn’t just another opinion. By Rod Dreher This forum asks, “What frustrates you, as a religion writer, about the campaign journalism you read and absorb?” To start with, I’m not a religion writer, but a writer on culture and politics whose viewpoint is informed by his religious...

Random Links

“Why Don’t Journalists Get Religion?” Peter Steinfels, Laurie Goodstein, Diane Winston, and Revealer editor Jeff Sharlet answer in Columbia Journalism Review. Daniel Boyarin is an orthodox Jew and a queer theory academic star, a scholar of early Christianity and contemporary pop culture. In his new book, writes Zackary Sholem Berger inThe Forward, his “appreciation of Judeo-Christian...