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The Last Twentieth-Century Book Club: Orson Welles’ The Life of Christ

The Last Twentieth-Century Book Club: Orson Welles’ The Life of Christ

"The Last Twentieth Century Book Club" is an ongoing monthly column exploring religious ephemera by Don Jolly.
In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google's Gods and much more!

In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google’s Gods and much more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin's Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin’s Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

A round-up of religion and media stories from around the web.
Suffering Meant Something Different

Suffering Meant Something Different

From "The Eye," a short story by Alice Monro, excerpted from her new book of short stories, Dear Life, at The Guardian.

My Wish This Valentine’s Day

By George González   No doubt, much of our contemporary consumer society is magical and ecstatic. This extends to our niche and lucrative markets in love and romance. Hallmark and Hollywood movies send the message that the truest expressions of romantic love are ones that sweep up two individuals---preferably heterosexual, white, English speaking, lovely and bourgeois---into a world...

The Devil’s Night

Remember Chick Tracts?  Here's a classic, dug out from the files by The Sensuous Curmudgeon.

Be The Next Jesus. Or L. Ron Hubbard.

Amy Levin: Huffington Post Comedy recently ended a short and perhaps not-so-sweet competition called “Create Your Own Religion.” Though curiously lasting only three days, the call ushered in 906 submissions, including 113 (and counting) featured in a slideshow. The contest was open to anyone with enough free time to send in a catchy name,...

Taking Gaga Off the Lebanese Shelves

Ashley Baxstrom: Not even a celebrity shout-out is enough to satisfy some. The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that Lady Gaga’s latest album Born This Way has been unofficially banned in Lebanon on the grounds that it may be “offensive to religion” in general and Christians in particular. The office of censorship said it had collected CDs...

Frey Takes Jesus to the Highs and Lows
of New York

The Final Testament of The Holy Bible, by James Frey (Gagosian Gallery, 2011) by Mara Einstein With only a handful of shows left, Oprah has selected James Frey—yes, the same James Frey she publicly humiliated for “lying” in his memoir A Million Little Pieces (after making it a bestseller)—to be among the chosen few to...

Mainstreaming Conservatism

Kristina Loew: From movies to music, conservative voices have cornered the tween scene, that 12 - 13 year old demographic which often looks to their favorite stars for moral guidance (and ways to spend their parents' paychecks). Parents can feel safe knowing that the Twilight franchise is one long ode to abstinence, while the Jonas...

Clothed by Jesus

When you want your clothes to say, "I'm in it but not of it, man."

Buddha and Jesus, Together in the Tokyo Suburbs

by S. Brent Plate I'm just back from a few weeks researching gardens in Japan, the kind of Zen-type designs that are most idealized in a place like Ryoan-ji. The wonderful thing about Japan, like so many contemporary places, is the ancient-modern juxtaposition that stares you down around every corner. You can walk out of...