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In the News - Heathens, Hymns, and Holy Men

In the News – Heathens, Hymns, and Holy Men

A round-up of the week's religion news.


03 January 2006 Joel Greenberg of The Chicago Tribune, surveys the admonitory posters, or pashkevils, which cover the walls of ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem, warning the haredim against movie-watching, “media of all kinds,” and tight clothes, even as much of secular Israel begins to view the screeds of the ultra-Orthodox as a burden on mainstream society.

Last Supper Swap Meet

13 October 2005 The Vatican has proposed a swap with the Israeli government, trading an historic synagogue in Spain (which is currently a Catholic church) for control of the Upper Room in Jerusalem — the room where the Last Supper is said to have taken place, which is in the same building where King David is believed...

Daily Links 08 December 2004

Dinosaurs Were Created, Too “Uneasy answering questions about radiocarbon dating? Rock layers? Natural selection? Do you want to believe in six literal days, but you’re still confused about the big bang or Grand Canyon? You’ll find answers here!” Metafilter plans a day-trip to “the world’s most unusual museum,” (sorry, Ripley’s), The Creation Museum, soon to open in Petersburg,...