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Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin's Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

Weekend Links: Tattooed Jesus, Putin’s Repression, the Mahabharat TV Series, and more!

A round-up of religion and media stories from around the web.
Daily Links: Whatcha Reading?

Daily Links: Whatcha Reading?

Links from around the web.
Waiting for the Kingdom

Waiting for the Kingdom

By Miriam Kilimo "Adam and Eve turned their backs on Jehovah. Forsaking his Eden, they introduced a system that steeped our world in death. But there’s hope of return to the harmony of the first garden."
Who's Hot, Who's Not, Fundamentalism Edition

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not, Fundamentalism Edition

By Jeff Sharlet Rick Warren's real conribution to American evangelicalism is the perfection of the humble-brag.
"Nones" and Money

“Nones” and Money

By Jeff Sharlet Just as the election blinds the press to the bigger, enduring story -- reality -- of massive and growing inequality in the U.S., so the Pew study of the Nones has distracted many from what I think are the most interesting numbers.
Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Ok, they're not daily but they are really good links to stuff you should be reading!
Al Shabaab: Where Do They Go From Here?

Al Shabaab: Where Do They Go From Here?

Joe McKnight Ever since Somali President Siad Barre’s government was removed from power in 1991, Somalia has lacked an effective central government.

OWS Reads

Our founding editor, Jeff Sharlet, has two new articles out on the Occupy Movement:  at Bookforum and at Rolling Stone. Here's an excerpt from the former:
I’m not sure when I first felt that joy, but I know when I named it for what it was: one night lying on a sleeping pad beneath a thin...

Occupy Writers

The Revealer founder Jeff Sharlet hustled up a list of writers who support the Occupy movement on Wall Street and around the world.  Read it here:

In Lieu of Hobbits

An interview with Jeff Sharlet about his new book of essays, Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithless, and the Country In BetweenSharlet is the bestselling author of  The Family and C Street and a contributing editor to Harper’s and Rolling Stone. Mellon Assistant Professor of English at Dartmouth College, he taught literary nonfiction through...

Sweet Heaven

My predecessor, founding editor of The Revealer, Jeff Sharlet, has a new book out that you should all run to buy, Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithless, and the Country In Between (W.W. Norton & Company, 264 pages).  The thirteen essays that make up the book examine varieties of faith, however vastly defined...

Inferiority Complexes

From "Fundamentalism Spring Eternal for GOP," at Washington Post by The Revealer founding editor, Jeff Sharlet:
Social conservatives, particularly of the Protestant variety, want out of 2012 what they’ve wanted since H.L. Mencken handed them a shellacking at the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in 1925: respectability. Christian conservatives have either dominated American politics or shouted loudest...