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In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google's Gods, and more!

In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google’s Gods, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
In the News: Bill Nye, Depression, Antarctica, The Dalai Lama & More

In the News: Bill Nye, Depression, Antarctica, The Dalai Lama & More

A round-up of religion in the recent news.

Ads for Secular (Liberal) Catholics

Amy Levin: The New York Times committed a liberal faux pas last month. As if they'd forgotten just how controversial ads can be, they accepted $39,000 from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to run a full-page. . .well I’ll just say it, “anti-Catholic” advertisement. The ad features a political cartoon--with a grumpily...

America’s Muslim Anxiety: Lessons from The Third Jihad

The past week has witnessed an escalating political crisis within the New York Police Department, sparked by the revelation that over a thousand officers viewed an Islamophobic film as part of a training exercise.  The Third Jihad (view trailer here) was produced by the Clarion Fund, a New York-based non-profit that first gained...

Numbers Lie: Hacking at Islam

Numbers never tell the whole story--which is why liberal pleas to rely solely on science and facts carry so little weight. Internet years are like dog years.  Way back in 2003 when The Revealer was founded as a joint project between NYU's Journalism Department and The Center for Religion and Media, we placed a more traditional...

Pictures at an Exhibition

By Abby Ohlheiser Photos by Merel van Beeren "Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life, and the Hartmanns perish??" --Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky I was sitting in a French-style chain cafe (sorry America), finishing my croissant, talking to Merel, when we heard the opening notes of "The Star Spangled Banner." It was a restrained, beautiful choral...

Fashion Faux Pas as Resistant Force in France

Kathryn Montalbano: NiqaBitch, a YouTube video released shortly after France's September 2010 April 2011 official ban of face-covering head apparel, provides interesting if not deceptively complex social commentary expressed via the most fundamental medium for communication possible: the body itself.  Although the video is set to what commenters call "vulgar" rap music (in...

Terry Jones Takes Dearborn

Yesterday Terry Jones held another rally in Dearborn, Michigan, outside the Arab International Festival, to raise awareness for the encroachment of Islam in America.  Abby Ohlheiser was there. This was the plan: Terry Jones would speak at City Hall then march with his supporters up to the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn, MI, a...

Pork-Coated Bullets: America’s Islam Problem

Is this real? Or just some spoof from the West Wing or Law & Order? Could the US military really be using bullets covered with oil containing 13% pig fat to evoke fear in Islamic terrorists and allegedly send them into eternal damnation? For the moment, the answer seems like a skeptical maybe, but the...

Young Conservative’s Hip Hop Guide to Muslims

"The only fear we have to fear is Muslims!" (via Islamicate.)

U.S. Ethics, the Rule of Law and Human Rights

From Richard Kim's recent editorial at The Nation, "Obama's 'War on Terror'":
And so we now see clearly a kind of social cancer: the exercise of inhumane and abusive power simply because it is the state’s prerogative. Recall that this is what happened in Abu Ghraib—not torture for purpose but torture for fun, for petty...

Muslims Get Their Own Prisons

John Dillingham at The Scoop writes about a recent NPR report that exposes secretive Communications Management Units -- prisons in all but name -- where two-thirds of the inmates are Muslim.