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In the News: Saints, Slavery, Celibacy, and more!

In the News: Saints, Slavery, Celibacy, and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.
The Reformation Will Be Televised: On ISIS,  Religious Authority and the Allure of Textual Simplicity

The Reformation Will Be Televised: On ISIS, Religious Authority and the Allure of Textual Simplicity

The religious fundamentalism of ISIS is not evidence that Islam needs a Reformation, but that one has already occurred by Suzanne Schneider.
In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google's Gods, and more!

In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google’s Gods, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Erbil to Aleppo: Kurdistan, Islam and the Syrian War

Erbil to Aleppo: Kurdistan, Islam and the Syrian War

Jenna Krajeski reports from Iraqi Kurdistan, where young Kurds are crossing the border to fight in Syria.

Osama Bin Laden, Dead

Typing this, I hesitate.  Is this a mere death?  An assassination?  A murder?  And if not the latter, why not?  Mass murderers and perpetrators of genocide have been brought to trial, yet the U.S. now abandons established paths of justice.  They've "taken him out."  Have we already tried bin Laden in our media, determined him...

Preaching Against the Wars

The Proper 29 Project, created by Mennonite pastor Mark Villegas and named for Reign of Christ Sunday (November 21, also known as Proper 29), asks pastors to "address the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan" in their sermons.  Writes Anna Groff at The Mennonite:
Villegas is pastor of Chapel Hill (N.C.) Mennonite Fellowship and...

Learning from Iraq’s Struggle for Religious Tolerance

Three months after elections in Iraq, a new Prime Minister has not yet been selected to form a new government. Accusations of fraud still surround the election and Ayad Allawi's secular (but Sunni-dominated) coalition is struggling against the Shiite opposition, led by Nouri al Maliki, to keep a grip on its narrow margin of...

What We’re Missing

Elissa Lerner: The BBC offered a cursory introduction to the Yazidis and the Mandaeans, two ancient minority religions that sprung from the religious oasis that was once Iraq. Ed Stourton summarizes his own point rather nicely, “Iraq’s tragedy has been so huge that smaller tragedies like these stories of religious violence have got lost amidst it all.”

Imams for Hire

02 January 2006   “Insight and Influence. Anywhere. Anytime.” NYT reports that the Lincoln Group, a U.S. contractor recently exposed as subverting the Iraqi press by placing propagandaarticles, has also been making quiet payments to Sunni clerics in Iraq. The Times article, by David S. Cloud and Jeff Gerth, is a clumsy effort, unsure of where to point readers’ indignation. After...

Daily Links 20 June 2005

Fantastic Iraq 1,001 Nights in Iraq: Fantasy space stations and the “Book of Dragons” and Magic playing cards, amazing underwater military bases and “Resident Evil,” and a dead geek from Iowa namedJohn Wayne, who used to crawl under the covers at night to play video games. Medic Spec. Jaymie Holschlag “tries to sway fate with...

Daily Links 18 January 2005

The Accidental Abductee Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa, the “much-loved” 66-year old head of the archdiocese who was kidnapped at gunpoint yesterday by Iraqi insurgents in the crime-filled northern city of Mosul, was released today without the payment of any ransom. Speaking on Vatican Radio, Casmoussa said he’d been treated well by his captors, and that they seemed...

What’s the Matter with Iraqi Women?

Voting against one’s own interests may be an international phenomenon, according toHannah Allam of Knight Ridder Newspapers. Though women make up 55 percent of Iraq’s population and are guaranteed 25 percent of the seats in the national assembly (grossly disproportionate to their numbers, but still a move towards equality), they’re a divided voting block and so they...