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In the News:  Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

In the News: Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

The H-Word

Interfaith offense was given this week in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, after Republican nominee, Jerry W. Kilgore, launched a new ad-campaign attacking Democrat candidate Timothy M. Kaine’s opposition to the death penalty as a position that would let “even Hitler” off the hook. Which holy toes were stepped on? At least two: first, in the Kilgore...

Open Letter to Gonzales

225 Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh leaders, organized by Church Folks for a Better America, have written an open letter to Alberto Gonzales to condemn the use of torture under any circumstances, and to embrace international laws regarding human rights before he is confirmed as attorney general. The letter appeals to Gonzales as “a self-professed evangelical...

A Pigroast in Cordoba

A short report in last week’s Financial Times (subscriber only; click on #42 here to sign up for a free trial) describes one of the most divisive issues in the Spanish Muslim community right now: the lack of a divider at the cathedral of Cordoba, once the largest mosque in Europe. Twelve-hundred years ago, Christians and Muslims shared the...