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Nigerian Universities: Islamic Studies in Secular Universities

Nigerian Universities: Islamic Studies in Secular Universities

By Alex Thurston Nigeria has around 100 universities, most of them public, and many public and private colleges. Various tertiary institutions in Northern Nigeria offer Islamic Studies, sometimes conjoined with Arabic.

Perverse Mission? Catholic Approaches to Foreign Policy

Reverse Mission: Transnational Religious Communities and the Making of US Foreign Policy By Timothy Byrnes. Georgetown University Press, 2001. 216 pp. by Frances Kissling Timothy Byrnes is an engaging academic political scientist who has written extensively and wisely on religion and politics, particularly the political role of the institutional Catholic church (see Transnational Catholicism in Postcommunist Europe, Rowman &...

Nigeria’s Islamiyya Schools: Global Project, Local Target

By Alex Thurston This is the fourth post in a series on Islamic education in Northern Nigeria. The first post gave an overview of the series, the second discussed Qur’anic schools, and the third talked about “traditional” advanced Islamic education, noting that traditions change over time. This post examines “Islamiyyaschools,...

In the World weekly links, Pandora’s Box edition

…most residents of Trivandrum had not been clamoring for the temple’s vaults to be searched. This had initially puzzeled me. In America…it’s inconceivable that a mysterious, locked door would be left alone. (Recall Geraldo Rivera breaking into Al Capone’s vault, in the nineteen-eighties). But in India the wealth stored in the vaults of Hindu temples...

In the World links, Unfinished Business edition

Nora Connor: In 2008 the Chinese government recognized the annual Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, as a national holiday.

Identity, Crisis: Shari’a Law in Nigerian Politics

by Alex Thurston In 1999, Nigeria made global headlines when Northern states began re-implementing “full shari’a,” i.e. Islamic law codes that included criminal penalties for acts like theft, adultery, and drinking alcohol. The shari’a project in Northern Nigeria caused further controversy when...

Weekly Links: In the World

Nora Connor: According to Salon’s Wajahat Ali, the conversion of Oliver Stone’s son Sean to Islam last week prompted a worldwide Muslim face-palm. Why, the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are wondering, can’t we get a convert with more upside? In a nod to one of Dave Chappelle’s best skits, Ali “reports” on the first...

Painting a State of Suspension

by Narges Bajoghli “The Chronicle of Her Innocence” by Bahar Behbahani at NYU Abu Dhabi 19 Washington Square North, New York, NY 10003 September 29, 2011 – January 27, 2012 “I, and only I, am responsible for what I recall and see, not individuals in the past who could not have known what effect they might have on...

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