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In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

Daily Links 16 November 2004

From Prophetic to Prosaic Last June, the National Association of Evangelicals’ draft of new political guidelines for Christian civic engagement was rumored to be groundbreaking document that foretold a radicalevangelical shift to the left. A closer reading of the draft made this interpretation seem far-fetched: the old culture war issues would still trump the more “progressive”...

Niall Ferguson’s Modern-Day “White Man’s Burden”

Holly Berman diagnoses a dangerous case of double dipping: Bestselling historian Niall Ferguson regurgitates his latest Foreign Policy “warning” for the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal. What’s the urgent occasion? “Endemic rapine” perpetrated by ungrateful third worlders. Eek! But wait, there’s more: Unless the U.S. succeeds in conquering the world, we could all be headed for a “new Dark...