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In the News: Profiling, Prince, Peaceniks and more!

In the News: Profiling, Prince, Peaceniks and more!

A round-up of recent religion news.

Christmas Island: Refugee Politics and an Orphan

by Nasya Bahfen It was not nearly as dramatic as the footage beamed around the world of thousands of jubilant Egyptians celebrating in Tahrir Square, but the image of nine year old Seena Akhlaqi Sheikhdost caused a quiet revolution in Australia this week. Last December, the flimsy boat carrying Seena and up to a hundred Iranian,...

Pulling Up Roots

Stephanie Butnick: In Tablet, Ryann Liebenthal accompanies a group of French Jews as they move to Israel. After uprooting their lives in France, many face new challenges in Israel, Liebenthal writes.

Alarmingly, The Quran

Kos pointed out part of a letter today that has been zipping around the internets. It was written by Arizona state legislator Silvia Allen and states the reasons why SB1070, the racist, economy-crushing new Arizona immigration law, is a good thing: it will stop the drug smugglers from invading America! Here's point...

Everybody’s a Critic

Conservative Australian columnist, Cliff Kincaid, warns that the American people should be paying attention to the Catholic Church's other offense: facilitating the "foreign invasion" of the U.S. by supporting immigration reform. In a Beckian rant that proves Kincaid needs to spend more time doing his own thinking, he nonetheless cynically crushes any...