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The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

By Sajida Jalalzai. A hunger strike at Guantanamo during Ramadan reveals contradictions about religion, ethics, and prisoners' rights.
In The World

In The World

By Natasja Sheriff The latest news on religious freedom, at home and abroad, provides the focus of this week's In The World.
In The World

In The World

By Natasja Sheriff On breaking the deafening silence surrounding two international human rights and climate change events.

Punk Protest, Bad Video Art, and “Religious Insult”

by Irina Papkova there's an eerie similarity between the reaction of some Orthodox believers to Pussy Riot and the worldwide protests against “Innocence of Muslims.”

The Trouble With “Religious Hatred”

By Austin Dacey Opponents of hate speech laws contend that there is no evidence to suggest that the state can successfully bring about ethical behavior by the force of law. Bigotry is flourishing across Europe, for example, despite its robust hate speech laws.

A Human Right to Blaspheme?

by Austin Dacey Do you have a human right to blaspheme? Ask a philosopher and you may get two different answers.

Calvin’s Geneva? The New International Discourse of Blasphemy

By Austin Dacey The Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of Complementary Standards was meeting to address “gaps” in an international human rights treaty on racism and racial discrimination.

What Are Religious Human Rights?

Nora Connor:  Water cooler talk around The Revealer offices keeps circling back to human rights these days (yes, we are a rock-and-roll lot). As in, what are they? Who gets to say what they are, and when and where? Are they “real” in themselves, out there in reality somewhere, waiting their turn to step forward,...


Preparing to Fight the
Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Truth Wins Out takes the time to note contact information for senators and representatives as well as Ugandan officials affiliated with The Family and the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda.  A vote, according to TWO's Wayne Bresen is slated for some time after January 18th. For more, read Warren Throckmorton here.

Multiculturalism gave us Jihad

In his review of Kenan Malik's From Fatwa to Jihad:  The Rushdie Affair and Its Aftermath, Dan Margolis argues that tolerance for other faiths and cultures -- multiculturalism -- has prevented liberals from successfully working for or even believing in absolute human rights.  Posted at Guernica:
Of course, most Muslims are not terrorists, so the...

The Post’s Create-A-Crisis

29 December 2005 In response to an inflammatory report published Monday by The New York Post, which alleged that the U.S. embassy in Cairo was under investigation by the State Department for discriminating against thousands of Coptic Christian Egyptians who applied for visas, the consulate invited reporters to visit the embassy and see for themselves...