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Venezuela's Personal Jesus

Venezuela’s Personal Jesus

In the weeks following the death of Hugo Chávez, thousands of his supporters flocked to Caracas to view his body. Ezra Fieser was there to learn more about the myth, the man and his "Jesus image."

Libel and Blood Libel

17 January 2006 Nearly a month after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made his Christmas Eve address to his nation, which included his debated comment that, “‘minorities, the descendants of those who crucified Christ, have taken over the riches of the world,'” the conservative Opinion Journaland Weekly Standard have appointed themselves defenders of the Jews, and — paying no...

No Tribes for You

13 October 2005 Somewhere amid their moving crates in Venezuela’s Apure state, a group of Florida “New Tribesmen” are saying, “Thanks a lot, Pat.” Yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced to a group of Venezuelan indigenous people that he was ashamed of the presence, and luxurious lifestyle, of American missionary groups evangelizing non-Christian indigenous people...