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Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

What’s missing here, and in so many similar arguments, is that religion works.

U.S. Religion by Number

Ashley Baxstrom:  Where would we be without the Huffington Post? NOT in the know about the most and least religious states in America, that’s where. [Full reveal: HuffPo got it from Gallup. But who reads Gallup? Thanks, HuffPo!] Here’s the breakdown: Mississippi is the most religious, New Hampshire and Vermont tie for least. Eight of...

Tough on Terrorism

Howard Fineman gets off on the new military brute, brain and brawn of Democrats: "By calmly and meticulously overseeing the successful targeting of Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama just proved himself -- vividly, in almost Biblical terms -- to be an effective commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States."

HuffPo Scripture

Paul Rauschenbush, religion editor at Huffington Post, announced a new series that will highlight scriptural commentary:
One of the most effective forms of prayer and meditation comes through reflection upon scripture -- and while reading scripture on our own is edifying, it is even better to approach scripture together with a group to learn from...