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Salem 66: Dispatch #6 – October 26 - November 9, 2015

Salem 66: Dispatch #6 – October 26 – November 9, 2015

Don Jolly covers the religion of the 2016 election season.
The Hindus, Hitler, and the Politics of Looking Forward

The Hindus, Hitler, and the Politics of Looking Forward

Drew Thomases on censorship, nationalism, and memory in Indian publishing and electoral politics.

Calling Nazi

Ashley Baxstrom: Thank God for celebrities, you know? Like, for real. Because without them, how else would conservative religious authors promote their books in new and exciting ways, am I right? Author and radio personality Teresa Tomeo has found her golden goose (or is it a calf?) to rail against in the recent remarks made...

Von Trier Gets Jewish

Tablet's Liel Leibovitz catches up with the storm director Lars von Trier created at Cannes this week when he described himself as a Nazi; according to Leibowitz, sympathizing with Hitler "may be the most Jewish thing the director has ever done."

It is 1939 Again

From Bishop Wallace Benn's response to the press this week:
Sir, Some media reports have suggested that at Reform’s national conference I likened those who supported the consecration of women bishops to the Nazis. I did not. Misrepresentation in the Press is a painful and serious matter that can be damaging if it is believed....

The H-Word

Interfaith offense was given this week in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, after Republican nominee, Jerry W. Kilgore, launched a new ad-campaign attacking Democrat candidate Timothy M. Kaine’s opposition to the death penalty as a position that would let “even Hitler” off the hook. Which holy toes were stepped on? At least two: first, in the Kilgore...

Daily Links October 25 2004

If Hitler Was a Blogger What if you had a “best blog contest” and Hitler won? Neo-Nazis will have to stick to wishful thinking and settle for second best: hate-spewing anti-Muslim blog Little Green Footballs wonWashington Post’s reader poll for “best international blog” with bon mots about Palestinians and other Muslims such as “I’ve been fond of transfer of these subhuman[s]...