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Sacrilege: an excerpt from Austin Dacey’s The Future of Blasphemy

We do not know what the first blasphemer said. We do know that he was a stranger who came among the Israelites.

What Would Jesus Do About Unitarian Heresy?

01 March 2006 England’s Chester Cathedral has made waves with its recent refusal to let a Unitarian congregation hold a service in the Cathedral — as the Unitarian Church has for the past three years — declaring Unitarianism a “heretical” religion incompatible with the Church of England-run Cathedral. The denunciation came after the evangelical Bishop...

A Heretic’s Zoology

Everyone’s a blasphemer these days, including Rabbi Nosson Slifkin, an ultra-Orthodox Israeli scholar and Talmudic zoologist who has written nine books attempting to reconcile Jewish Scripture with natural science. Slifkin,┬áThe New York Times┬áreports, isn’t trying to debunk much, but has expressed some calm skepticism about certain stories in the Torah, the Talmud, and other sacred...