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Freedom to Offend: When is Free Speech Hate Speech?

Freedom to Offend: When is Free Speech Hate Speech?

Stephen Pihlaja on free speech versus hate speech on YouTube.

Everybody’s Sacred Cows or Nobody’s Sacred Cows? Equality for Impieties

By Austin Dacey F. M. Husain was hounded out of his native Hindu conservatives outraged by his nude portaits of Hindu goddesses.

A Human Right to Blaspheme?

by Austin Dacey Do you have a human right to blaspheme? Ask a philosopher and you may get two different answers.

Religious Studies in Illinois

An excerpt from the letter that Dr. Kenneth J. Howell sent to his University of Illinois "Introduction to Catholicism" students in preparation for a test, below.  After a student anonymously complained that the letter constituted "hate speech," Dr. Howell was removed from his position.  Alliance Defense Fund has taken up a law suit...

First Mel Gibson Came for the Jews…

He's run through anti-semitism (The Passion of the Christ), classism (restraining order against a homeless man?!) and now -- it's not a new saw -- racism.  HuffPo, the LA Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle are all reporting that Gibson's been caught on tape using the N-word while...

U.K. Religious Hatred Bill Fails

01 February 2006 Britain’s “religious hatred bill,” which has been criticized for over a year by an unlikely coalition of Christian and Muslim groups, civil libertarians, atheists and comics, suffered a major defeat yesterday as absenteeism and abstentions on the part of Labour Party supporters allowed the government bill to fail and a substantially revised version...

Ideas in Effigy

07 October 2005 If evolutionism is a religion, does this become hate speech? Two Dover, PA, school board members praised the burning of a former student’s mural depicting of the evolution of man.