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Bored at Work? We Can Help!

by Nora Connor For anyone who's wearing out their go-to internet-based procrastination safety blankets, I've got your back! In the form of the Wikileaks U.S. Embassy cables

Merry Christmas to Me!

Mary Valle:  All I really want for Christmas is to watch "The Exorcist" with Fr. Gabriele Amorth.  I also want to thank him profusely for pointing out a few things that actually are kind of true. Who hasn't been in a yoga class and "breathing" into some pose and thought "This shit is EVIL!"...

Fans of Action: How Harry Potter Inspired a New Generation of Activists

by Abby Ohlheiser Weeks after the earthquake in January, 2010, five planes, filled with medical supplies, flew to Haiti. One plane was named DFTBA, which stands for Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, an acronym popularized by the nerdfighters. The other four were named Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore, after the most familiar and beloved characters...