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Immoral Halloween Temptations

Amy Levin: Last week, rushing through the Atlantic-Pacific terminal in Brooklyn, I passed my usual underground subway Jesus cheerleader, warning passersby about anything from the apocalypse to the dangers of evolution. Normally I take their pamphlets - I figure if you study religion, you might as well look twice when it’s standing right in front...

The Devil’s Night

Remember Chick Tracts?  Here's a classic, dug out from the files by The Sensuous Curmudgeon.

Post-Pumpkin Rebellion Roundup

Marissa Kantor: At a moment where every lunch bag left under a chair is deemed a potential bomb, it should come as no surprise that Halloween, a holiday of costumes and candy, has become tainted and suspect as well. Take Venezuela, for example, where Reuters reported that Caracas has found a new enemy: “Halloween-style pumpkins...


‘Tis the season for embarrassing hysterics over occultism and the cruel, intimidating tactics of devil-worshipping trick-or-treaters. In the spirit of that season, the Church of England’s Bishop of Bolton, the Right Rev. David Gillett, proposes rescuing Halloween from its own pre-Christian roots, and renaming it “Lite Nite.”

Wicca Wacka

Halloween… time to bake the challah. Keren Engelberg, a contributing writer for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, reports that some scholars suspect the Sabbath bread got its twists in pagan times, when Northern European women offered special braided loaves up to the Teutonic goddess Berchta (madonna / whore). It’s not exactly news that most major traditions have...