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In the News: Lindsey Graham, Garland, TX, God's Plaintiff, and more!

In the News: Lindsey Graham, Garland, TX, God’s Plaintiff, and more!

A round-up of the week's religion news.
Shooting in the Name Of

Shooting in the Name Of

Patrick Blanchfield on free speech, religion, and violence in Garland and Paris.

Religious Leadership and Violence Prevention after Tucson

by Joshua Stanton This month, it became clear that Americans must do more to prevent violence. A congresswoman was shot in the head in what seems to have been a politically motivated assassination attempt – only surviving by luck or miracle. Six others have died and many more were wounded. our country is in a state...

A “Kook, Weirdo, Nutjob, Whacko” Gets His Gun

A Sioux City, Iowa man was denied a gun license by Sheriff Douglas Weber because, said the sheriff, Paul Dorr's gun ownership was a "concern for the public.  Don't trust him."  Dorr and his son Alexander have been long known in their community for frequent political activities including distribution of leaflets, protesting, and letter...