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The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

By Sajida Jalalzai. A hunger strike at Guantanamo during Ramadan reveals contradictions about religion, ethics, and prisoners' rights.
The Longest Hunger Strike

The Longest Hunger Strike

By Ann Neumann There are two places in the U.S. where you can be fed against your will: a Catholic hospital and a prison.

U.S. Ethics, the Rule of Law and Human Rights

From Richard Kim's recent editorial at The Nation, "Obama's 'War on Terror'":
And so we now see clearly a kind of social cancer: the exercise of inhumane and abusive power simply because it is the state’s prerogative. Recall that this is what happened in Abu Ghraib—not torture for purpose but torture for fun, for petty...

Daily Links 27 January 2005

Guantanamo Thong Song The Bush administration recommends sexual abstinence for singles — unless, of course, you’re a Guantanamo prisoner. In that case, official policy involves thongs, body fluids, and blue balls.Paisley Dodds of AP has acquired a draft of a classified document on interrogation techniques at Guantanamo, which apparently include female questioners doing their best to get...

Guantanamos All Around

British novelist Margaret Drabble calls Guantanamo “the Bastille of America,” and the imprisonment without trial of Muslims there one of the U.S.’s worst (current) sins. Why then, asks The Guardian‘s Nick Cohen, aren’t Drabble and other leftist critics equally incensed by the British Guantanamo, a London prison where Muslim men are being held based on information obtained through torture,...