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In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google's Gods, and more!

In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google’s Gods, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
What’s wrong with Googling loss?

What’s wrong with Googling loss?

Shruti Devgan finds what's missing in Google's promise to repair sacred losses.

Daily Links 17 December 2004

Just Like a Greek Tragedy Not content with proving the existence of God, Google aims to recreate His mind. Mob Morality Stoner jokes about biblical precedents for wedding-party hook-ups; a Catholic comic speculating on her “get-out-of-hell-free card”; Will and Grace’s shallow materialist Karen musing about transforming an historic church into a gay bar; a Scrubs character telling his fiancee it “sucks” that...

Daily Links October 1 2004

Erotica and LaHaye Richard Bartholomew, of Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, finds a New York Observer article about Left Behind author Tim LaHaye’s move into mainstream publishing, including a contract with Kensington. Bartholomew kindly posts Kensington’s company profile: “We are considered a leader and innovator in such areas of publishing as African-American (Dafina), Gay and Lesbian, Erotic Romance (Brava), Wicca, and...