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Life in the Shrine

Life in the Shrine

The fearful narratives surrounding West African shrines and the ‘wives of the deity’ obscure the reality of these long-standing institutions, writes Julie Jenkins. With photographs by Dana Romanoff.

Daily Links 19 January 2005

Commercial Censorship Rolling Stone has rejected a pre-scheduled ad for an updated, youth-targeted Bible, published by the country’s largest Bible publisher, Zondervan. The magazine cited an unwritten policy against religious messages in advertisements, and objected to the advertising campaign’s use of the word “truth.” The text which accompanies a picture of a pretty, spiritually-questing man doesn’t mention God,...

Daily Links 04 November 2004

Canterbury Ale Monks and friars have long been among the best brewmasters, and the old heart of the Church of England, Canterbury Cathedral, has acknowledged that with the return of a “cathedral brew” to the church, not seen since 1828. Ohio Schools Get God From the state that brought you the next four years…The Columbus,...