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Our Savages

Our Savages

By Ann Neumann In one-inch letters the headlines told us what we were seeing: SAVAGES.

Worldly Retribution

11 January 2006 Lo and behold, Pat Robertson has managed to louse up his own plans this time, if a euphemism like “louse up” can still be used when talking about a $50 million tourism partnership lost. After Robertson’s ill-conceived announcement that God had punished Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with a stroke in retribution for Sharon’s role...

The Orange Star

“‘We had to use the heaviest tools we had in order to shock the State of Israel. As someone said to me, we had to make people understand that this is a case of ethnic cleansing.’” Ronny Bakshi, a teacher in Gaza, talks to Haaretz’s Asaf Carmel about his Orange Star protest initiative, wherein Gaza settlers don an...

Daily Links 09 November 2004

Ashcroft & Evans To Pursue Solo Projects; Rummy Still With the Band John Ashcroft is done. So is Secretary of Commerce Don Evans. The left can be expected to crow about Ashcroft’s departure and ignore that of Evans — even though Ashcroft was never close to the President and is a member of the Assemblies...