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In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What's a Christian Hipster?

In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What’s a Christian Hipster?

A round-up of recent religion & media news.

Numbers Lie: Hacking at Islam

Numbers never tell the whole story--which is why liberal pleas to rely solely on science and facts carry so little weight. Internet years are like dog years.  Way back in 2003 when The Revealer was founded as a joint project between NYU's Journalism Department and The Center for Religion and Media, we placed a more traditional...

Wisdom From a Beauty Queen

Abby Ohlheiser: In the interest of The Revealer's ongoing coverage of beauty pageants, we'd like to draw your attention to the following story about the latest batch of politically-charged questions posed to contestants. Alleging that the questions, which ask about teaching evolution in schools and whether the candidates would pose for nude...

Marketing Mormons

The Revealer's own Ann Pellegrini, professor of religious and performance studies at NYU, talked to Fox News' Lauren Green about the new ad campaign designed to put a good face on Mormons.