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The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

By Sajida Jalalzai. A hunger strike at Guantanamo during Ramadan reveals contradictions about religion, ethics, and prisoners' rights.

Ramdev’s Hunger Strike Media Campaign

Kathryn Montalbano: India, home to the longest-running hunger strike in the world, has a history of starvation as protest, most prominently stemming from the non-violent practices of Mahatma Ghandi who, single-handedly, turned the ubiquitous hunger strike into an Indian-specific political symbol.  But contemporary criticism of the use of hunger strikes in India questions the...

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A small parade was held in Philadelphia this weekend, made up of area Muslims.  Their objective was to counter media representation of Muslims as terrorists and to bring awareness to the fact that about two thirds of Muslims in American cities are black.  There are about 100 mosques in the Philly area. || A...