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In the News:  Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

In the News: Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
Churches of Pain and Pleasure: Nymphomaniac's Theology

Churches of Pain and Pleasure: Nymphomaniac’s Theology

Ethan Poe on what's truly provocative about Lars von Trier's new film "Nymphomaniac" -- its psychological theology.
All Aboard the Ark: Rainbow Warriors vs. Climate Zombies

All Aboard the Ark: Rainbow Warriors vs. Climate Zombies

Competing claims about religion and the future of the planet on board Noah's Ark by Brook Wilensky-Lanford.
Noah: Story and Medium

Noah: Story and Medium

David Morgan gives us a picture of what's really going on with literalist objections to the new movie "Noah."

The World Before Her: Making Indian Women

A review of The World Before Her, now showing in the Tribeca Film Festival. by Natasha Raheja  The opening sequence of director Nisha Pahuja’s documentary The World Before Her cuts sharply between salwar kameez and swimsuits, Marathi and English, Bombay and Aurangabad, stilettos and chappals, open hair and plaits, bhangra beats and nationalistic hymns, saffron and...

Liberia’s Devils

Nora Connor: We’ve been watching PBS’s “Women, War and Peace.” Less a series than a grouping of thematically linked films, it takes women’s experiences, roles and concerns as the starting point for an examination of contemporary war, from on-the-ground experiences of privation and violence to the legal remove of places like the Hague. The project aims...

Our Sense of Knowing Better

From Genevieve Yue's "That Old Time Religion" at Reverse Shot:
In 1799, Étienne-Gaspard Robertson premiered the phantasmagoria, a moving magic lantern projection hidden behind a screen, to a crowded audience gathered at a Parisian convent. Though he tried to present himself as a scientist exposing the tricks of the trade (of both magicians and the...

Welcome to Godsend

Revealer associate editor Kathryn Joyce writes: In the title story of his collection, Welcome to the Monkey House, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.tells us what all sci-fi enthusiasts—from Ray Bradbury to the creators of Vanilla Sky,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and, most recently, Godsend—already know: “science and morals go hand in hand.” The cautionary equation is always the same: advanced technology plus immoral/hubristic scientist and/or naïve/lazy/wrongthinking...

The Second Coming of the Dawn of the Dead

Mel Gibson, wrote Chris Lehmann in reviewing The Passion for The Revealer, turned to the aesthetics of horror to spread his religion. Now Adam H. Becker explains how the creators of the new Dawn of the Dead deploy religion in service of the horror. The horror! Adam is an assistant professor of religious studies at New York University. He last wrote forThe Revealer about “Imam Ali in...

Bach v. Mel

Prepare yourself for heresy: Mel Gibson is the Johann Sebastian Bach of the 21st century. We leave it to others to compare their artistic achievements, but the occasion of a sanctimonious piece by the normally thoughtful Edward Rothstein in Saturday’s New York Times compels us to restate what should be obvious: The quality of a work of art does not redeem the bigotries it espouses....

A Yellow Star for Mel

At last — the big day for what may be the biggest religion story in 2,000 years — the theatrical release of The Passion. The mainstream press periodically discovers that institutional Christianity is actually pretty good at marketing. And then it forgets. Megachurches, Christian rock, Christian comic books, Bibles made to look like teen magazines —...

Sundance God

A new original feature from The Revealer, Patton Dodd‘s report from the Sundance film festival: “[R]eligious film is what I went to look for, at least partially, and religious film is what I found. I found, in fact, a plurality of religious expression (and even religious experience) in the movies themselves and in audience reactions afterwards. I...