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Intubated Women, Catholic Health Care and What it Means to be Alive

The Catholic Church understands far better than patients’ rights advocates do how religion, gender and sexuality work in society. If the debate about health care were focused on men’s bodies, the Church understands there would be a resounding call to make their hospitals subject to legal and medical standards. But because it’s about...

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Intelligent design, Günter Grass, Kathryn Joyce on Santorum's family, Kony, Andrew Sullivan's call to follow Jesus, me and feeding tubes, and prison chaplains.

Service Announcement for Journos

A friendly reminder to all of us at the start of this new election cycle:  "Pro-life" means much, much more than just anti-abortion. It's an entire set of beliefs leveled at legislating bodily autonomy.  For women, yes and most controversially, but also for the sick, the poor, the disabled, the terminal, gays, parents; in short,...