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Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Jared Malsin reviews Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman’s book Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America

Teaching FBI Agents Bias

Nora Connor:  For a time after 9/11, the FBI seemed to stand out among the many government agencies with a hand in the intelligence/counterterrorism game. FBI agents were among the most knowledgeable on Islamic extremism worldwide; FBI agents made important discoveries and arrests in the immediate aftermath of 9/11; FBI agents spoke up forcefully...

“How is your outreach going with the Baptists or the Catholics?”

"Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asked FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday whether the bureau had any outreach programs specifically for the Baptist or Catholic communities like it did with the Muslim community." --Ryan J. Reilly, Talking Points Memo

Six Catholics, or Half a Dozen Communists?

21 December 2005 ACLU publishes a PDF of a recent FBI report on a Catholic Worker group in California. It reads like an old ’60s Jesus freak satire: One arrestee reveals that Catholics “advocate peace and love thru [sic] prayer.” The author of the report concludes that they’re communists.

Dorothy Day, Terrorist

20 December 2005 Turns out progressive Catholicism is alive and well. Evidence of liberal theology’s efficacy comes from, of all places, the FBI, which as part of its duties in the WOT, reports The NYT, has been monitoring the Catholic Worker movement made famous by Dorothy Day. Not that the Catholic Workers are “radical Islamists”...

J. Edgar Hoover’s Dream

There’s no mention of religion in Barton Gellman‘s brilliant, terrifying Washington Post report, “The FBI’s Secret Scrutiny,” but there doesn’t need to be for it to merit discussion on The Revealer. Gellman explains how the Patriot Act has fostered the explosive growth in the use of “national security letters” allowing the FBI to investigate —...

Democrats and Gothics

Democrats and Gothics 17 June 2005 In a forthright 16-year-old girl from Queens, writes the NYT‘s Nina Bernstein, the FBI “met unsettling opinions and teenage defiance.” Only one thing to do, of course — kidnap the kid, refuse to tell her parents where she is for two weeks, hold her without formal charges for seven months, and then...