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The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

The Different Kinds of Hunger: Ramadan at Guantanamo

By Sajida Jalalzai. A hunger strike at Guantanamo during Ramadan reveals contradictions about religion, ethics, and prisoners' rights.

Harrisburg’s Mayor Fasting and Praying for Budget Balance

What's a mayor of a major state capital to do?  Linda Thompson has tried nearly everything to balance the city's budget back into the black.  Her lastest effort? Three days of fasting and prayer to petition God for better fiscal straights.  From HuffPo:
"I am open about my faith and will be participating in the...

Hurts So Good

Ramadan is over, and Christmas is coming; so who better to celebrate the season than a Buddhist named Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey? “Jesus Christ rose from the dead to save these fucking people,” Vega-Frey’s Muslim boss asked him, “and what do they do to celebrate? They go and buy all kinds of junk.” You want to thank God,...